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Dabur is using Autogram for Screening and Hiring the best Candidates!

Companies are going through a decade where there is strict demand of talented and skilled professionals. It is no exaggeration in stating that lateral hiring takes very concentrated efforts of HR Managers. Moreover, most companies spend a fortune in terms of Time & Money on screening thousands of CVs, conducting subsequent rounds of assessments and still investing precious minutes in engaging with irrelevant candidates. This is especially true for companies hiring in multiple locations across Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities. Keeping these challenges and key problems as focus points, Autogram developed an innovative SaaS (Screening as a Service) Model for Recruiting Managers.

Our Success Story with Dabur India Limited: October 2018 - Present Day Dabur India Ltd decided to partner with Autogram in October 2018 to use The Autogram Platform for hiring the best candidates from all over India across multiple and/or remote locations. We offered them 1-Month Pilot Program wherein the HR managers had…

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