10 Reasons Why Companies don't like hiring Freshers and How Freshers can Overcome it

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The students have finally completed their college, bagged a bachelor's degree and have prepared their resume meticulously.  And yet, many of the freshers have had a fair share of rejections from the companies with that “dream job”. Wonder why?
We will spill the beans now (and you won’t like it) that most of the recruiters don’t
like to hire freshers. And here is the silver lining-
Most recruiters don’t like to hire freshers, *but only due to certain reasons.
We are going to tell you exactly how you can avoid giving those reasons to the recruiters!

1: Underskilled:
Yes, freshers have a degree and their theories on point.
But when it comes to hands on practical skill, most freshers would shy away.
We can blame it to the lack of infrastructure in colleges, poor education system or simply the
laziness of the students to learn new skills.
Apply, apply and apply the concepts that you learn.
Develop and work to acquire skills that are out of your curriculum.
Don’t be idle and wait for that promised offer letter for six months! Use that time to polish your
resume in your respective domain.

2. Lack of Discipline:
Bro, let’s bunk the classes today.” “Yaar, I’ll ditch that lecture, the Prof sounds boring.”
Sounds familiar? Or those countless times you were late for the lecture because you overslept?
And those lame excuses you hoped the professor would accept without question.
Well, old habits die hard and lack of discipline is inexcusable in good organisations.
Okay, we are not going to lecture you on this. Just keep in mind that all play no work can
make Jack unemployable. So make sure to work hard before you party harder.

3. Not being Job Ready:
Due to lack of exposure, most of the college graduates take tremendous time to cope up with
the dynamics of a working organisation. Many things such as expressing new ideas,
presentation skills, taking initiatives, soft skills become an ordeal for them due to this sudden
Take your internships seriously. Take trainings to develop soft skills. You can practice by taking
Mock Tests and Interviews to experience a real life interview.
We at Autogram provide the platform where you can take Mock Interviews via
Video Questions and get the assessment of your soft skills and personality. Click here to know more.

4. Higher Attrition Rate:
Freshers need a lot more time to know what they actually seek in a job or a role.
Thus, they are most liable of moving out of a company a little too soon to seek new found
opportunities. Hiring is a costly process and nobody wants to lose an employee before they
even complete their probation period.
Research about companies. Find out what you are good at and which skills define your job
role the best. Before appearing for any interview, retrospect. Here is when we at Autogram
come to the rescue. Log in and prepare a Video Resume to get a job that's just right for your skill set.

5. Weak Foundation:
Recruiters have time and again found that freshers lack grasp in their basics. Not being confident
in giving answers about their core field raises big question on their credibility.
Practice hard and prepare for the interview. Get your basics right. Be thorough in your core knowledge
and most importantly, be confident while answering the questions.

6. Dreamed up Expectations:
Due to lack of awareness and proper knowledge about the companies, college graduates have a
tendency to form unrealistic expectations out of their job roles or their workplace. This in turn affects
their work and may put a toll on the collective task of the team.
As Rocky puts it, “It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.
Take as many internships as you can. Be proactive as an Intern and take up responsibilities.
You are not here to just get that certificate of completion. You are here to learn the most you
can about the working fundamentals in your respective fields.

7. Unreliable Resumes:
It has been known that freshers, in order to make their resumes count a bit more, tend to stretch their
credibilities or even copy the resume of their peers. So when the time comes, they give lame excuses
as to why they are not able to do a particular task that, according to their resume, they have already
Stop trying to fake it till you make it. Be true to yourself. Honesty is the most appreciated virtue that
recruiters appreciate. Yes, you can have a look at other’s resumes to get an idea but never copy it.
Also, HR Technology platforms such as Autogram help job seekers in building a solid CV out of
their skills. Know more about it here.

8. Spoon-fed attitude:
Throughout their academics, students have relied upon the coachings outside their institutes or the
“important topics” that will surely come in the semester paper to get passing grades. And the
education quality of the college is at fault. But in the companies, there is no “shortcut”, no outer
coachings. One has to come up with new ideas and creative solutions. Being spoon fed will only take
one’s career down the hill.
60% won’t be the passing grades anymore so freshers need to snap out of that attitude. Companies
always need 100%. One has to be proactive. Try to accomplish a new task, however small, all by your
own understanding and efforts. Learn the process of learning. Once you realize your own potential,
you will never feel the need to be spoon-fed again.

9. Unsure and nervous:
Freshers can also feel this tremendous transition from a college to an actual workplace and it may
put a toll on their sense of self. Their initial months are filled with confusion and may create
nervousness, which in turn may affect the workings of a company.
In times like these, try to control your being and pull yourself up. Remember that you have been
true to yourself and you are capable of accomplishing the tasks put forth upon you. Talk to your
seniors. They are always there to help you out.

10. Lack of personal development:
Many of the college graduates are still unsure about why they took up a particular course in
college and have not taken part in college activities which can shape their personalities.
An effort towards personal development is valued very much in companies.
Freshers need to take up activities which are not a part of their curriculum.
Participate in marathons, manage an event in cultural fest, volunteer for a good cause,
pursue a sport, take part in various college competitions. All of this will show up in your CV
and the recruiters will appreciate your efforts, however small, towards personal development.

Now that you know exactly why recruiters are reluctant to hire freshers, you can prepare hard to
turn those interviews and that assumption around!  


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