The Power Of Good Communication Skills

“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.” - Paul J. Meyer

Are you someone who thinks “If one can talk well, he can communicate well!” or “Communicating well is a skill people are born with”?

In either of the above cases… you’re wrong!

Communication is not only talking. It’s listening to others, making them understand your perception and understanding theirs equally.

Communication will be needed in every area of life and becomes a quintessential part of interaction with peers and seniors - especially at your workplace.

  • Communication skills for interviews

When you step up for an Interview, your primary motive is to convince the recruiter about why you're the best hire. Here, some important points for communication would be a clarity in your presentation, speech, and the way you would tackle his/her questions. Check out how to handle tricky interview questions here
Interviewers also notice how crisp your answers are and what you choose to say in the first 5 seconds of each of those answers.

  • Let’s say, you got the job! Let's see how communication works when you're inside the workplace.


Any workplace in this world is subjected to conflicts, mostly of ideas. You can disagree to someone’s point of view, someone’s way of working, etc. and the disagreement may lead to misunderstanding. How does having good communication skills help in this situation? You may wonder. Good communication entails not only speaking but also listening. By listening, you may realize that the other person's ideas have potential. If you still think your plans can have a better output, the correct way to go about it is discuss, not impose, and arrive at a common solution.

  • Communication in Groups

Never go unprepared for a meeting. When in groups, share your ideas with confidence and clarity. A group of intellectual people will only pay attention if you make them believe you have something interesting for them. Here, a big part of communication goes beyond listening (since this isn't just a one-to-one conversation) and also extends to being courteous and giving others a chance to speak. Dominance does not add to your foothold at the workplace, respect does! And communication skills become a huge part of how people will be perceiving you.

There are a lot of factors influencing the way you communicate like your presentation (using logos, maps, charts or graphs), verbal skills (words you use, tone and pitch of voice), and most definitely - overall body language (gestures, eye contact, etc.)

Effective communication means faster results, less delays, and successful outcomes.  
Another aspect of communication is Written Communication and it is also very vital when you want your ideas to be acknowledged.
When you consider Written Communication skills, you eventually have to pen down thoughts in such a way that it appeals. It can be the Resume you're making for a job application or the final report you’re sending to your Boss. If it is not clear, it won’t leave an impression.

In a workplace, you will have to work on a lot of E-mails. An E-mail, if not written properly with the right agenda, can simply go unnoticed. Always have a clear mind about what exactly is the purpose of sending an E-mail.
  • Have you mentioned all the details?
  • Will the receiver be able to get the message?
  • Is the Content good enough for him to revert?
Spend a good amount of time working on these points.

To write well, you need to explore a lot. Read articles every day, regardless of the topic. Understand the writing pattern, how to place the right words in the right places, subscribe to the newsletters of the websites or blogs that you like, and use these ideas to improve your content. It won’t happen in a day but once it does, there's really no looking back!

Learning the art of communicating is like making friends with a difficult yet dependable person. It will take time but it will be worth it.

Still have a misconception that is not listed above, feel free to contact us and let us know. We will surely try to put it in our next blog.|


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