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Here is What You Need to do for Job Hunting During the Holiday Season!

Job Hunting during this time of the year is always a challenge. Hiring is slow and recruiters are usually in their holiday mode. But laying off or the need of a job change can occur any time! During this time, you'll hear a lot of people talk about 'traveling', 'taking a break' and 'relaxing'. As great as it sounds for people who can afford that break, there are many of us who need a constant income every month. 
So, what do we do in situations like these? 
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Usually, the best way to go about it is to capitalize on the many events that happen among family, friends or friends of friends. Using your social skills to network is the best way to get your CV directly into the mailbox and on top of the list. 
Talking about your future plans with people helps them understand where you want to be headed and if they have any helpful connections, it might just land you a great opportunity! 
We, at Autogram aim to solve this issue by providing yo…

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