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7 Things You Should Not Reveal To Your Recruiter!

HR managers are mostly friendly no doubt, but they are certainly not your friends! Being honest and being diplomatic are two different things altogether and the best HR leaders always recommend you to go for the latter approach. Why should you keep personal information to yourself? Because revealing them can weaken your negotiation stance. Here are 7 quick tips on how to present select, necessary information:

1.Your financial situation: Whether you are struggling to meet ends or riding the good wave – it is really none of their business. Either way, you are letting out personal information unnecessarily and (intentionally or unintentionally) trying to influence their decision of hiring you. Employers know this too well and it may cost you an impression.
2.Your Current Job Application Status: When asked if you are currently applying or holding offers from other firms, always say a yes, even if you aren’t. Your capability is not lowered in any way just because you do not hold an offer …

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