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Autogram's Year in Review - 2018

2018 has been a year of learning and growing. From 10,000 Jobseekers to 27,855 on our platform, we have come this far in 2018. While there have been quite a few ups, we have also seen our share of downs. But hey! You know what they say. Failures are always pillars of success and learning. As a scaling start-up, we are always on a roller coaster adventure and that is probably the most exciting part of this journey at the moment!
While we are welcoming a new year, let us go back to 2018 and look back at what we’ve achieved.
Recapping this year’s highlights:
Celebrating 25,000 users on Autogram: One of our biggest milestones this year was reaching 25,000 students on our platform. 25,000 students became JobReady with Autogram and that is truly something!

Autogram Youth Tour 2018: The teamtraveled to different colleges Pan-India to conduct seminars and workshops to help students kick-start their career. We touched base with a variety of colleges, students, built great relationships with respec…

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