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Hire Smarter, and Faster with Autogram!

Are you an HR Consultancy overburdened with openings which cannot be closed? Are you an MNC looking to hire in bulk, ad yet wanting great talent? Or, you could be a startup looking to build an amazing robust core team who have the go-getter attitude to support your amazing vision.

In either of the situations, finding your desired candidates becomes very challenging. Not only does it become a pressure on the HR department (or the team in charge of recruitment), but it also does not guarantee fool-proof results - because all you see is a paper resume, and then choose to converse with that person.

Research has shown that almost 67.8% of the time to complete an end-to-end recruitment cycle consists of only screening candidates. The process includes sourcing, evaluating their profiles, having an initial telephonic conversation for an interview invite, and then finally, the first round of interview.

What if we told you.... that we could save almost 70% of the costs with just simple solution…

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