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Organization – A Two Way Connection Only | Autogram

Our HR executive narrates her experience with how an organization fails to grow without a strong employer-employee relationship: 
'Win the workplace, to win the marketplace has been the onus to every aspiring mind ready to work. From preparing for interviews to getting promotions and earning a hefty salary is every struggling mind’s impulse.  Heading from a beginner’s expectation to an achiever’s satisfaction, your workplace becomes your ultimatum. You get through turns and twists, win over your odds, book your dream car, and continue to grow, sounds easy?

Enters Reality!
This blog presents a glimpse of how creating a “great place to work” isn’t only in the hands of an organization. It has been and always will be a two-way street. As an HR, I have heard too many employees complaining about the organization not meeting up to their “expectations”. As much as companies can sometimes present employees with harsh rules and difficult deadlines, it’s not just their responsibility…

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