3 Things that Pre-Final Year students need to start doing right away!

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Almost everyone in their pre-final year of college have one goal in mind- boosting the grades up.
We all assume that we still have enough time to prepare for job search later.
Believe us when we say that you do not want the stress of starting the job search when you are
in the middle of important final year projects.

Getting a head start is pivotal; if you get your priorities organized now, you will have ample time
when you actually start your job search in your final year. And we will tell you exactly where to start.

1. Develop Soft Skills:

Today, soft skills have become the most sought after attribute in almost all job sectors.
Soft Skills include Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management,
Organization and Adaptability. As a pre-final year student, you have ample time
and opportunities to hone these skills.
Participate in college events and fests, also take up the event responsibilities to learn basic
problem solving and time management skills.
Remember that all of these qualities take time to build up and they eventually show up in
your interview.

     2. Internships and Live Projects:

           There is nothing better than an Internship to give you a trailer of the actual
           workplace atmosphere and job responsibilities that you are planning to take up after
           graduating from your college. Internships, if taken seriously, make you goal oriented.
           They mold you for the future.
           If you don’t want to wait till your summer break, then On-Campus Internships and Live
Projects prove to be a great boon. They allow you shape your career and acquire necessary
soft skills without disrupting your regular curriculum.
Autogram has excellent on-campus internships with flexible joining dates.
Know more about it here. Stay glued on our social media for our upcoming
Live Projects as well.

    3. Build up your CV:

           Start with writing down your accomplishments as if you have already graduated from college.
That way, you will be unknowingly preparing a “to-do” list about what needs to be achieved in
these two years, before you launch yourself for searching the dream job. Work on
completing this “to-do” list and keep adding more achievements. Find unique ways of
showcasing your accomplishments. Ask yourself- Is there a better way I can do this? Find
the answer and leave no stone unturned.
Autogram helps students to showcase their personality in a unique way.
You can create your Video Resume on Autogram where you actually put forward your
communication skills and give a perfect edge to your job search mission.

Remember what JFK said? He said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
Well the sun is shining bright right now, isn’t it folks!



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