CFL Hired 300+ Students across all Campuses with Autogram

Hiring the right candidates from a pool of freshly graduated students is the biggest challenge that most companies face.

Yes, college campuses are the best sources to tap a large pool of talent. But for an organization, it is very difficult to penetrate every college in the country. It puts a lot of financial strain on the organization, and logistic strain on the tight schedules of the HR Managers. Hence, it becomes crucial to investigate cost-efficient and highly time-saving recruiting solutions.

Analyzing and understanding this prevailing obstacle in Campus Hiring, Autogram had worked on a solution for hiring diversified talent across the country by creating one single platform for the complete recruitment process.
As a result, the company ended up saving 70% of their Time and Costs.

Our Success Story with Capital First Limited:
February 2017 - March 2017
Capital First Limited was continuing to scout for good candidates after the primary placement season was over. They partnered with Autogram in February 2017 to fulfill the vacancies. The hiring requirement was for Graduate Trainees from diverse fields such as Sales, Credits, Customer Relations, and Operations.
Autogram reached out to 100+ Colleges in 15+ Cities from all over India and received over 3000 Video Interviews within 7 days.
We assessed and screened 250 best Student Profiles out of these 3000 Video Interviews in 15 days.
These shortlisted profiles were provided to Capital First Limited out of which 55 Students were selected in their final interview and were recruited.
November 2018 - February 2019
After a successful first year, we were happy to partner with Capital First Limited again during the next placement season.
This time, the requirement was for Management Trainees as well as Graduate Trainees from the fields such as Sales, Customer Service, Credits and Operations.
Autogram conducted the recruitment process in 300+ colleges and received 12000 applications from all over the country.
Our team assessed and screened 1500+ students out of these 12000 Video Interviews and forwarded the best candidate profiles for suitable job roles to Capital First Limited.
Capital First Limited successfully hired 250+ students from all over the country to fill their vacancies.
How Autogram assisted Capital First Limited to achieve these results:

  • Customized Interviews - Autogram created a customized Video Interview Link for each job opening - from questions provided by Capital First Limited.
  • Diversified Reach - We reached out to Colleges from all over India and provided the Video Interview Link for students for taking interviews on our platform.
  • 360° Candidate View- Candidates were tested on Domain Knowledge, Soft-skills, Communication Skills, and Situational questions which provided a 360° candidate view to the recruiters.
  • Assessment and Screening - Our expert evaluation team screened these interviews, before sending the best shortlisted profiles to the hiring managers for further rounds.
  • Pool Campus - We arranged and conducted Pool Campus for the recruiters where they took the personal interview of the already shortlisted candidates.
  • Year-round Recruitment Season- Partnering with us helped them to tap the most talented pool of graduates and post graduates even after the placement season was over.

Campus Hiring is indeed a challenge and companies fail to capture the best talent across different institutes due to many restrictions. Autogram solved the biggest challenge of efficiently sourcing the talent pool from each corner of the country in a short time and helped Capital First Limited in bridging the gap between their recruiters and the right candidates.
Try Autogram for your company today! E-mail us at to know more!


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