Things that goes on in an interviewer's mind during an interview

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Interviews can be rough and what bothers a candidate the most is - what goes on in an interviewer’s mind while he/she is taking the interview. You keep wondering what impression you are leaving in the room with every word you speak and THAT is a lot of pressure to handle! Interviewing for a job is not only about your answers but also about your appearance, soft skills and a lot more.
There is no secret weapon to read an interviewer’s mind but you can definitely do certain things to impress him/her within 60 seconds.

Following are some insights into what goes on in an interviewer’s mind and how to prepare for an interview:

Timing: Early birds do have some advantage. Recruiters don’t like it when the candidate is late for an interview. It doesn’t matter what the reason is! Try to reach the venue before time.

Attire: Remember, your appearance will matter a lot so do make it count! Be well-groomed with your hair and in the case of men, with your beard too. Wear formals because the first impression is the everlasting impression.

Eye Contact with the interviewer: This is so important yet it’s neglected by most candidates. Not looking at the interviewer in the eye makes them think that you are not interested in what they are saying. Eye contact is also a major sign of confidence.

Body Language: Stop slouching! Sit up straight and relax. Always have a smile on your face and be positive.

Choice of words: People whose speech is cluttered with words such as “like” and “uhm” or who use slang won’t get the job. Practice speaking smoothly with fluent English and the right communication skills.

Know your Resume: You should know your resume like the back of your hand. Stumbling on questions about your experience will make the interviewer doubt your credibility.

We hope these points will help you crack your first job interview. If you are having a tough time landing a great job and are tired of rejections, start practicing Mock Interviews on Autogram.

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