First Job, Expectation Vs Reality

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Getting your first job can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. You have to step out of your comfort zone and enter a different world, the Corporate World. To let you know, a portion of the work will be dull, some of it will be extended periods of time and some of it will truly make you question yourself.

Here are 4 honest expectation vs reality situations which you will relate with and nod as you read them:

1.    The Information Mountain

EXPECTATION: You will probably be delighted for your first day! Before the day's over you'll be a genius at your activity! REALITY: You may be terrified and crazy from the minute you stroll in. You may be bombarded with several terms, sheets, unknown documents and a weird e-mail ID which is constantly receiving emails with people starting to put you in CC. Don't’ fret, this is the just the beginning of the unread messages!

2. The Clueless Chase

EXPECTATION: You will recognize what your activity is. You will be coming to work, they will let you know precisely what is anticipated from you and you'll generally know precisely what you ought to chip away at some random time. REALITY: In the beginning, your role may not be clearly defined since you will be undergoing training! You may probably have no clue what you will be doing. The more you work, the more you get to know of the real “big picture” as we call it. And eventually, you’ll settle down on the projects which you (hopefully) like!

3. Food Fantasies

EXPECTATION: You will go to luxurious places to have lunch with your colleagues in the cafeteria or the mess. REALITY:  You will eat the same thing which you used to eat back in school and college days.. because.. well.. not every organization has an attached cafeteria or has a cafeteria that has food worth eating!

4. Money - not sweeter than Honey

EXPECTATION: You'll be saving your handful of earnings and remain within the boundary when it comes to money. Hi, shopping binge!  REALITY: All the cash you make goes towards gifts you get yourself from your new activity. The paycheque may literally disappear before your eyes and it will be mission impossible to save any penny.  

But no matter how hard the first few days seem, always know that it’s only an uphill journey from then on. Your first salary, the small milestones, the bigger milestones, eventual promotions, and the never-ending knowledge growth are somethings worth truly sticking around for!

Were these scenarios relatable? If yes, don’t forget to let us know. Also, if you are having a tough time cracking job interviews & still waiting for your first job, start practising Mock Interviews on Autogram.

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