Easiest Ways to Prepare for Your Upcoming Placements

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Hi there! You must be opening this blog and wondering - ‘Ugh, another placement blog with a thousand tips which I won’t even remember at the time of interviews!’

Well, you’re right - it is another placement related blog - but we like to keep it short and simple with very easy (and important) tips that can really help you get a great job at the end of your graduation.

As per the trends, around 75% of students get rejected at least thrice in interviews before they get placed. And, about 15% of the students have trouble getting placed due to various reasons, namely:

1. Poor Communication
2. Poor Soft Skills
3. Lack of personality
4. Lack of domain knowledge

So, how can we ensure we have a smooth placement without having to worry too much and securing our chances of getting selected? Easy, peasy! Keep reading for more details.

  • Have a Direction: As much as fresher phase is all about exploring and trying new things, having a direction in your head regarding what you wish to do for your job is always helpful! Why? Two reasons. Firstly, Recruiters always appreciate focused individuals who know what they want. The chances of candidates leaving the organization and going for a different job role are much less in this case!
  • Brush Up on Basics: Even though you may feel confident about your subject or the job role, it is always advisable to brush up on your domain knowledge, do your research around the company, competitors and some related current affairs that can be extremely helpful for delivering quality answers to difficult questions asked by the recruiter!
  • Prepare for Group Discussions: Round up your friends appearing for placements, choose diverse topics and practice away! Almost all companies have a GD (Group Discussion) round which is used to filter out a lot of candidates in the beginning itself, before the PI (Personal Interview). Study some GD rules from here and brush up on your knowledge and communication simultaneously by choosing topics from different domains of technology, social, political, current affairs, youth, etc.
  • Work on overall personality: Starting from your presentation to your posture, every little aspect counts as a part of your personality. Watch the way you deliver your answers, your hand gestures and very importantly, the content of your speech (which goes without saying!)
  • Be Ready for Rejection: If you’re smart, lucky, or both, you may very well crack the first placement interview you appear for. But, most of the times, students feel a terrible sense of demotivation when they come across a couple of rejections. This is where you must hold all emotions and simply keep focusing on giving your best for the upcoming interviews.
  • Don’t Think You Know It All - Practice! At the end of the day, practice is what really counts. If you are wondering how you can cover everything we discussed above in the fastest and easiest way possible, we have an answer to that too!
Try out the Autogram Mock Interview Programme. Why, you ask?

1.      Practice real interview questions via Video Interviews from the domain of your choice (eg. Marketing, Finance, HR, Education, etc.)
2.      The questions are both domain and skill-based, hence helping you prepare from all aspects for the interview as well as the job itself.
3.      By recording video interviews, you can see your hand gestures, facial expressions and analyze the areas for improvement by replaying them. You can also share this video with peers or seniors for feedback.
4.      On request, our team of experts can provide you with a 6-page report highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, presentation score, etc.
5.      Reduce chances of rejection with continuous practice across different levels for each role!

Sounds like something you would love to try? Sign up for a free trial here!
To know more, log on to www.autogram.ai


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