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Our HR executive narrates her experience with how an organization fails to grow without a strong employer-employee relationship: 


'Win the workplace, to win the marketplace has been the onus to every aspiring mind ready to work. From preparing for interviews to getting promotions and earning a hefty salary is every struggling mind’s impulse.  Heading from a beginner’s expectation to an achiever’s satisfaction, your workplace becomes your ultimatum. You get through turns and twists, win over your odds, book your dream car, and continue to grow, sounds easy?

Enters Reality!

This blog presents a glimpse of how creating a “great place to work” isn’t only in the hands of an organization. It has been and always will be a two-way street.
As an HR, I have heard too many employees complaining about the organization not meeting up to their “expectations”. As much as companies can sometimes present employees with harsh rules and difficult deadlines, it’s not just their responsibility to create a happy work environment.

As an employee, you are the brand ambassador of your company. Your attitude can not only influence others and spread like wildfire, but also define how an organizational culture can be molded. Productive employees hate an extra day’s work and demotivation. They want to be pushed and engaged. Moral of an organization is very well reflected by an employee’s attitude. As an employee, it is your job to enrich yourself with company knowledge, internally improve the workplace vibe amongst peers and constantly thrive for feedback on your work.

On the other hand, an organization thriving to gain at the cost of its employee’s leisure will never grow. An extra day’s work justifies the giveaway of an extra day’s leisure. If I had to state the pillars of a growing organization, it would be customer satisfaction (customer is God) and employee satisfaction. As a growing organization, your employees seek redressal in every field of a dilemma. Treat them like they will make a difference -- and they surely will. A lot resides in the communication loop we have known. From a sender’s perspective of the message to the receiver’s feedback, that’s how the loop is complete. A patchy communication is an oxymoronic expression in itself.

As an HR, an effective recruitment tool is employee satisfaction. Reaching a negotiable pay package, to awarding hard work and recognition are the basics of reducing employee turnover. I have personally conversed with talented applicants who refuse to shift from their present jobs. In reverse, I have also dealt with applicants switching profession either due to low organizational policies governing employees or high employee retention policies in other organization. A word of mouth marketing does magic here. Your employees may get better employees with referrals if you build your people in the right way.

As a Recruitment Professional, you never have good or bad experiences. Even today you are learning, motivating your peers or applicants and helping young minds understand the difference between lucrative and leisure.

It’s a two-way mode, one being an employee and the other being the employer. Liaise between internal policies and hired hands shall never stay out of vogue. A resource hard to get is a resource hard to retain, a business leader and a facilitator shall cater to the needs along with demanding its own. Increased internal strengthening (wherein an employee is happy to come to an organization which treats them with respect) shall increase motivation and ultimately, revenue success. 

- By Papri Chatterjee | Linked Profile
HR Executive, Autogram


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