6 Saves During a Bad Job Interview

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Job interviews are one of the most crucial times in our lives and we like to be prepared before any such events. However, we do agree that things don't always go as planned and you might find yourself sitting in one that seems to be stuck in a horribly awkward tailspin. But it doesn't have to be the catastrophic end of your dream job. Instead, there are a few tricks that you can put into play to swoop in and save that disastrous meeting.

1. Laugh at Yourself
If you've done something to make a fool of yourself like calling someone by the wrong name or tripping while walking in, make sure to give a good laugh instead of being uptight about it. Laughing at yourself demonstrates flexibility and cuts out defensiveness and make you a human. Brownie points: It also makes the interviewer to feel a bit of empathy for you.

2. If You Don't Know, Don't Pretend!

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, and you may draw a complete blank on something that you actually know. If that happens, smile and acknowledge that you know it but because you're nervous, you can't think of an answer.

3. Stay Calm and Adapt to the Interviewer's Style

Some interviewers are stoic, and others might be playing it cool to try to rattle you or see how you react under pressure. It might not be going as bad as you think it's going. It just might be some strategy. Staying calm and changing your body language according to your interviewer can make a big difference in how you are perceived since they're going to judge you in a short span of time. Lean forward slightly, ensure you're making appropriate eye contact and watch the fidgeting.

4. Apologize Sincerely and Correct Yourself

To err is human. Just like doing something stupid accidentally and laughing at it, apologizing shows your human side and your sincerity. When you figure out your mistake, bring it up, even if it's 15 minutes late. While it would have been better to say the correct thing first, saying it second is the next best thing.
You may start like: “You know, I just realized that my answer was wrong when you asked me about XYZ. What I should have said was…. “

5. Stay Positive and Stand Up for Yourself

Attitudes and environments are contagious. If you let the fact that your job interview isn't going as planned consume your thoughts, there's no way you're going to be able to bounce back. Answer the following questions with confidence. Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for the position. Talk about your accomplishments. Sell yourself until the bitter end. If nothing else, you can walk out knowing that you gave your absolute best and you have gained some knowledge out of it.

6. Send a Thank You Note

You might think that sending notes are an age-old thing now. But trust me, your post-interview note could be another powerful tool to help turn around a bad job interview. Bring up any questions you may have and correct anything that you mistakenly said. Thank you notes are always nice and polite, but they also serve to remind the interviewers who you are. If they remember you, you increase your chances.

If none of these go in your favor, just remember, when things go bad, you'll at least get a good story out of the whole mess. And a good story is always worth something!

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