Why Soft Skills Are Becoming Increasingly Important in Workplaces

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There used to be a time when jobs were segregated. A programmer needed to know one and one thing only: how to program. An artist only needed to know her art. A writer only needed to know how to write.

How the world has changed! With the advent of social media and the massive surge in both offline and digital networking, it has become essential for professionals in pretty much every field to hone their soft skills to the best of their abilities. Below, we identify the reasons soft skills are so in demand:

  1. Immense competition in most fields: With such a vast inflow of new people into the workforce each year, it is getting harder and harder to carve out a niche for yourself. Being good at what you do can only take you so far since there are thousands of job-seekers out there equally capable and desperate for a job. The only way you can make yourself stand out is by having additional skills that will make you better suited for any workplace. These skills are what we term soft skills: confidence, communication skills, organizational aptitude, teamwork, quick thinking and flexibility. These are just some of the many assets that will set you apart from the crowd.
  1. Increasing integration of roles: While specialization is always important for certain fields (a programmer must, after all, be an expert at programming), increasingly employers are seeking recruits who can improve their efficiency by taking on multiple roles in the workplace. Consequently, as a software engineer for a startup, you might also be expected to meet clients and explain how the product works.
  1. Advent of new media: In a world increasingly governed by new forms of media- Twitter, Instagram, YouTube - to name a few, it has become essential to hire people who can operate in these new spheres with relative ease. Corporates, particularly newer ones, are becoming more and more defined by their brand images on social media. Consequently, they need professionals who can help build their brand by producing useful content, coming up with innovative ideas to catch people’s attention and networking on social media. These are tasks that require flexibility, perceptiveness and the ability to think on one’s feet, all valuable soft skills that employers are after today.
  1. Change in work-space models: The new workplace is mobile and remote. Increasingly, the traditional office model is losing ground to co-working spaces and work-from-home setups. Consequently, employers are on the lookout for employees who are conscientious, communicative and good team players. These are invaluable skills when supervision is minimal and employees must be responsible for the quality of their work.
  1. Consistent appeal of team players: This one has always been true! Remember that no one wants to work with an unpleasant person. If you come across as communicative and positive, employers will be much more likely to want you as a part of their team.
Source: Google
Now that you know how important soft skills can be to employers, learn how to hone them in our next #SoftSkills post. In the meantime, check out Autogram’s website to learn about how we can help you show off your soft skills to your best potential in job interviews!


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