Rejections and Feedbacks

Every Job Interview produces some new employees along with a lot of rejected candidates. There is a pool of candidates who may have the hard skills for a job, but lack plenty of nuances such as personality, good written and verbal communication and essential soft skills. The high rate of rejection leaves the job seeker confused and demotivated. Every candidate wants to know why - after all the work and preparation - they still can't make the cut.  

Let’s touch the primary reasons for rejections (can be more than one reasons applicable to a single candidate)

  • Unprofessional Dressing.
  • Lacking Soft Skills.
  • The way the candidates deliver answers.
  • Not enough skills required for the Job

And many more.

Even the smallest drawback of a candidate can trigger the interviewer to reject them. But what if there was a way job-seekers could prepare themselves well enough before an interview to minimize the chances of rejection?

Feedbacks can help a candidate improve the skills which are costing them the Jobs. Companies don’t really have the time or will to give individual feedback to each candidate. The rejected job seekers get a polite ‘Thank you for showing interest’ message at the most which only makes it even worse, doesn't it?

In today's world of severe competition for jobs and the consistent desire to rise in the corporate ladder, one must take matters into their own hands if they really wish to crack their dream job eventually.
The first step in preparing for a job interview is not picking out the best shirt to wear on that day. It's taking out significant time to work on your own self to really understand and improve your weaknesses.

Ask yourself -
Do you lack confidence in speaking? Are you unprepared with an excellent introduction? Are your answers vague and devoid of examples?

Then, my friend, you have a lot of work to do before you start tailoring your CV for any job application!

Self-Evaluation - the best ways of self-evaluation is to take up a set of common questions, prepare answers with structured, relevant examples and practice them in front of the mirror. Notice your body language, your expressions, and your overall appearance. You can practice this with a friend too. Speaking to another person within a live mock interview session can do wonders for your confidence and quality of your answers.

Feedback Platforms - In case you wish to quantify your performance and track your rate of improvement with numbers, the Autogram app can really come to your rescue! It's easy if you follow the given steps below - download the app, go to the ‘mock interviews’ section from your home page and get started on it today. Get evaluated feedbacks on your performance and watch yourself improve with every feedback.

If you are lacking a skill, work on improving it rather than praying the interviewer doesn’t ask about it! Go ahead, take your career into your own hands and self - improve!

Need some help? Sign up on Autogram today. Get perfect feedbacks on your interpersonal and emotional skills and learn about ways to improve them.


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