Why Text Resumes are Failing to Impress Recruiters!

How many times have you applied for a job but didn’t receive any further update?

A lot, right?

You end up thinking whether your resume was not good enough; what you can write better and what you should remove. But let’s face it - no matter what you do, you can never be entirely be happy with your CV and feel that it does full justice to your achievements, experience and very importantly - personality. The next obvious step? Going online and searching for different resume templates or resume building apps.

Have you ever wondered whether your resume ever reached the concerned person? Did the HR manager even SEE the huge number of skills you wrote on that sheet of paper?

According to experts, “98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the “Top 2%” of candidates make it to the interview” - Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts (Workopolis.com, 2016). With the sheer monotonous and set-in-stone templates, HR recruiters have expressed their concern on whether text resumes can actually manage to give them a holistic overview of a candidate.

With the progress in technology and noticeable spike in the number of early adopters,  ‘video resume’ or ‘video CV’ has become the latest catchphrase for recruiters, students and job-seekers alike.

Sounds complicated? Not at all.

By definition, a video resume is a short video introduction of the candidate which allows them to talk about their skills, talent, and what makes them unique. As a major add-on, it gives an excellent platform for the candidate to express why he/she is the best for that position in the organisation and really give a good first impression. In the last 3 years, video resumes have become the most effective way to get noticed by recruiters. A 60 second video showcasing the communication skills and confidence of the candidate (which is not at all certain in a text resume) increases the chances of getting called face to face interview by 60%.

Let’s take an example - say, you’re appearing for a creative job. In your video resume, you can speak about all the projects you have worked on, and additionally upload your portfolio (if any) in the Autogram App. A hiring company will immediately be able to understand your work, personality and the value you can bring to their organisation in the first stage of your application which will inevitably urge them to call you for a final face-to-face interview without wasting any time.

A video resume gives both candidates and recruiters an extra edge.

Recruiters are able to:
  1. Evaluate job applications better
  2. Screen the best candidates
  3. Hire smarter & faster
  4. Save 70% Cost and Time

Candidates are able to:
  1. Showcase their true potential
  2. Communicate their skills and passion for the job
  3. Increase their chances of final selection by a huge margin

So, what are you waiting for? Download Autogram from Google Play or App Store, create your video resume and start applying for jobs right away!


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