Hire Smarter, and Faster with Autogram!

Are you an HR Consultancy overburdened with openings which cannot be closed? Are you an MNC looking to hire in bulk, ad yet wanting great talent? Or, you could be a startup looking to build an amazing robust core team who have the go-getter attitude to support your amazing vision.

In either of the situations, finding your desired candidates becomes very challenging. Not only does it become a pressure on the HR department (or the team in charge of recruitment), but it also does not guarantee fool-proof results - because all you see is a paper resume, and then choose to converse with that person.

Research has shown that almost 67.8% of the time to complete an end-to-end recruitment cycle consists of only screening candidates. The process includes sourcing, evaluating their profiles, having an initial telephonic conversation for an interview invite, and then finally, the first round of interview.

What if we told you.... that we could save almost 70% of the costs with just simple solution? 

We understand the sheer struggle of understanding a full-fledged human being through a piece of paper, and that's when we decided to do something about this faulty process! How much can a candidate express himself on paper? Sure, we would know where he studied and worked. But is that all a company wants to know before hiring their so-called Talent? 

Autogram brings you one of India's first AI enabled Digital Recruitment platforms. Since we would like to still maintain some mystery with regards to the work-in-progress for AI, we will slowly be unveiling our developments on the same. Our Digital Recruitment Platform as of now, however, is catering to multiple hiring needs for our clients. Some of them are: 

- Smarter Hiring. By this, we not only refer to the process being smarter, but we also vouch for the quality candidates you will be able to screen through our platform. 

- Cost Saving. Our platform has proven to save almost 70% of company cost in case of MNCs. Startup founders have been able to hire excellent fits and allowed them to save on 40% of their hassle. The hassle of having to post job openings, take interviews and in addition, ensure the personality of the candidate fits their growing organisational culture. 

- Seamless process & Time Saving. With the seamless process, clients have reported close to 76% of time saving and efficient hiring due to Autogram which allowed them to get a deeper insight into the personality of the candidate, and also analytically map the candidate's skills to match the job requirement for the said company. 
P.S. - Our solutions are customized and highly company specific. 

Seems like we might have the answer to your hiring needs? Visit www.myautogram.com to know more! You can also download the app on Google Play and App Store. 


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