How Autogram Can Help You Introduce Yourself in the Best Possible Way to the World!

Let's admit it - when you are a fresher, you don't have much to talk about on a single piece of paper. 

Here's a quick summary of how your CV is usually structured:  
- Your Name in Bold
- Contact details with two email IDs and three numbers
- Education details and some short internships 
- Some skills and Languages 
- Some accolades and awards, etc., etc.

You'd think you've done a great job. You'd think you've listed all the details required for a recruiter to give you a call back for an interview. But think again, have you? 

Just like you, there are about 500+ CVs coming to the same recruiter every single day - having a similar profile and posing equal or more competition for you. Your CV becomes another email in their list of applications, or just another piece of paper among the many lying on his/her desk. With no response from the recruiter, you tend to ask yourself 'why?'. You had put in all the details, right? Research has revealed that 92% of all text resumes are either poorly structured or fail to bring out the true potential of the candidate. Job seekers are also never given a feedback on their application or where they could improve their profile and presentation. 

Additionally, for a fresher, it is truly difficult to catch eyes with no experience backing your profile. You wish to have met the recruiter in person to establish your enthusiasm and capability to fill in the vacancy in the company you always hoped to work with - but without a call back, your hands are tied and you simply move on with your job search. 

What if we told you, we had the perfect solution? 
Introducing Autogram - your smartphone digital screening and recruitment platform. Sounds complicated? Not one bit! 

Autogram allows you to create a profile with your basic information including Education and Work details, and then makes the process way more interesting! Here is a list of amazing features Autogram offers and the benefits it holds for you as a candidate:

- Creating a Video Resume. What's a video resume? It's a short 1-2 minute introduction you give the recruiters. This is the chance to fully showcase your talents, skills, what makes you unique and interesting, why you would be a complete fit for the job, etc. What you say here can make a big difference in the decision making for recruiters and Autogram gives you a chance to show the best version of yourself in the first go - instead of doing the same at the final face-to-face interview with the employer. 

- Upload your important documents, skills and talents. Autogram allows you to keep your important documents uploaded on the app (mark sheets, certificates, important documents, etc.). It has an exclusive section wherein you enter your skills, languages and also upload some samples of your talent! For example, if you play the violin or sing extremely well, you can upload an audio file of the same. If you can design well or paint, there is an option to upload images too! Basically, you can lay down your best work to add an extra edge to your overall profile and display your multiple talents. 

- An Overall Personality Revelation. With the app, you will have the ability to present your awesome personality via audio and psychometric questions as well. This gives the recruiter an idea of your thought process, vision, focus and approach towards situations which in reality makes a huge difference for employers beyond a candidate's education and work experience.  

You can apply to jobs and give interviews directly from the the App. 

Looking back on the list we usually follow while making our CVs, Autogram thought it to be unfair to judge an individual's capability of landing a job. Your marks, work details, etc. may reveal a certain side of you, but definitely not enough - and that's the problem Autogram is solving today.

So, if we have managed to make you curious, you know what to do. Download the App available on Google Play and App store today!
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