The Must Have’s for Cracking any Job Interview!

Recruiters from all over the world have a similar pattern which candidates always try to crack! Whether you are interviewing for a startup or an MNC, all recruiters or hiring managers would wish to see a few basic skills during the conversation. Take a look at some of the most common desirable traits that may help you crack the next round of tricky questions!

1.       Confidence: Recruiters have an eye for everything! From the moment you walk into the room to the point of exit, they will be analyzing your body language, hand movements, speech, content and everything that helps them understand how confident you are about the company, job and yourself as an individual!
TopTip: Practice speaking fluently in front of the mirror for an initial preparation and always keep a friendly warm and calm composure while the interview is going on. Be clear about why you want the job and how you can contribute to the growth.

2.       Research: Recruiters always want to know your interest level and assess how long you want to stick around or what your real motive is behind applying for the particular role.
TopTip: Do your research about the company, industry and competitors to be fully equipped for knowledge based questions because that creates a fantastic impression!

3.       Personality: A very important aspect about interviewing is to understand if your overall personality, attitude and mindset fit in with the company values and culture.
TopTip: Your personality is something you cannot change for every job, but it always helps to have knowledge of the company culture and values. Speaking to someone who currently works in the company (or used to work) can give you a fair idea. That apart, you can always do personality evaluation tests to know if there are certain weaknesses you can overcome for any interview in general! Also, always try and give honest answers!

4.       Miscellaneous match-makers:  Certain other questions such as “What’s your expected CTC”, “Why this job profile”, “How can your previous experience contribute to our organization” helps them understand whether you as a candidate is perfect for their company. Be prepared for the basics and make sure you know how to tackle these interview basics! 
So now that you know the basics of what to carry with you to an interview, go ahead and crack that code to land your dream job!

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