Would You Prefer An Unsuitable Job Or a Low Salary?

The job world offers innumerable opportunities, really. Too many companies expanding their base and vacancies are looking out for capable candidates to run the show. 

Believe us when we say this - it's not difficult to find a job. But it's super challenging to find the right job. If you keep applying, you'll bump into several opportunities and companies will be willing to absorb you, but at what cost?

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Now let's be clear when we say 'cost'. We don't only mean the salary bit. We are trying to emphasize on what takes over as priority for a candidate at any given point. It would be very ideal in case of a desired job coupled with a whopping monthly salary. But this good fate only rests with a few.

What we mostly notice in trending cases of employee dissatisfaction are one of the following three situations:

1. Great job, good company but a very average pay and lack of individual employee attention.  
2. Great pay, but a boring/hectic/monotonous job with a very slow learning or growth rate. 
3. Bad pay coupled with an undesired job role altogether. 

Let's not count point no. 3 here. 
Mostly, employees are torn between the first two situations. They are often forced to choose a job just because of a high pay, or justify a low monthly salary with the consolation of landing a desired job role. It's quite sad that the job industry is dominated by employees who don't find happiness at their workplace. 

Before taking up a job, weigh your happiness levels at the end of each day versus the end of each month.

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