Trying to Build a Dream Team for your Company? Here's How You Do It!

These days, people matters are of prime importance and primarily the backbone of any and every company. So how do you ensure the hiring of correct people to fulfill your vision? Read on to find out! 

- Ownership and Independence - Too may companies use the word 'ownership' in their JD but do not pay attention to this detail when hiring. The attitude individually contributes a great deal to the pace of an organisation - especially if it is a startup or a mid-sized firm. When employees feel the need to do their work and stick to the timelines without being pushed or nagged about it, you know you're on your way to build a really good team! Nothing increases productivity than each employee treating the company like their own. 

- Loyal - This trait is intrinsic as well. When you have minimum attrition rate and a long lasting group of people who wish to remain loyal to your company by devoting 100%, it's pretty ideal, to say the least. Too many candidates only run after comfort, good salaries, swanky office spaces, etc. Having said that - it's not wrong to want them, but it's wrong to want ONLY those elements while thinking of working for a company. Hire people who will want to stick with your firm through thick and thin. 

- Honest Communication - Hire the honest people and not Yes-men. People who work under the upper management often don't speak up about internal or external issues in the fear of getting into trouble - which is plain and simple unhealthy. This is specially true for the people in the sales industry as well. Employees who gather raw data each day are your best chance of understanding the market and competition. Maintain an open, honest and smooth communication with each individual working under you. 

- Good Interpersonal Dynamics - Good team players come together to create a beautiful team as well! When team members get together and work in perfect harmony, many issues get solved pretty smoothly. In fact, with good interpersonal chemistry, employees are able to do problem solving better and you can be less involved. They share ideas, innovate and come up with strategic solutions to current problems. This point specially becomes significant when you're running multiple teams in different cities which require tailor made market strategies! 

- You are equally a part of all the problems - Addressing issues is a part of your job as an employer. Your involvement is resolving issues and providing solutions where they fail to find one themselves is quintessential to long term work satisfaction. No one is running away from problems - but how fast you run to their help does indeed matter. 

- Training and Periodic Checks - Employers often let loose post initial training. Employers assume an automatic growth process which is not really true. Periodic training processes and updates from employees are often helpful in refining their approach and skill set. 

- Informal Interactions - Not to be taken lightly - but informal team outings where employees can bond with their co-workers and their immediate bosses or even the upper management, makes communication smoother and grows confidence within the hierarchical structure. Plus it's always fun! So make sure that your employees are happy working with you, and the rest will fall in place.

It's not easy though, to understand the softer skills of candidates while hiring. We at Autogram, carry out tests as a part of our hiring process for you, to map the skill sets and match your company requirement. Download the app (available on App Store and Google Play) or visit us at to know more!


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