Thoughts We All Have Before Starting our First Job!

All your firsts are amazing milestones.  First love, first kiss, first hike on the mountains, first solo trip, etc. Your first appointment letter for that matter, is a huge deal too! It's your first tiny step to the world of adulting. When you go to work on the very first day, there are several butterflies in your tummy.

There are probably an endless number of thoughts that cross out mind during this interesting phase. Here are a few we're sure you can relate to! 

- "I've heard so much about terrible bosses.. What if mine makes my life a living hell?"

- "Will my co-workers be super chill? What if I'm a victim of office politics?"

- "Shit. What if I suck at this job?"

- "Let's see... How would I want to spend my first pay?"

- "I HAVE to be good during the training."

- "Now I can FINALLY buy a new phone without begging dad!"

- "What if I'm super at achieving targets and become the boss in 6 months?"

- "Man, I hope they make me travel to different places!"

- "I'm just going to make sure I'm nice to EVERYONE and EVERYONE likes me."

- "I hope I find at least ONE cute co-worker!"

..... And we can go on! If you're a fresher just starting to look for amazing opportunities, do check out job opportunities on the Autogram App! 

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