The One Secret to Impress Recruiters in the First 3 Seconds!

Who are you? What makes you unique, vibrant and pushes people to pick up the phone and contact you?

That's basically the only role your profile has, when you send to all recruiters for a job. Your profile is responsible to showcase your awesome self in front of the employers. Imagine yourself to be a recruiter, and consider the following introductions of two candidates for a role of a Digital Marketing Executive:

Situation 1: 

"Hi, I'm Janice. I have worked in X Company for 3 years and have done project A, B and C. In those projects, I was responsible for handling a team which executed all Digital Media Activities and now I am looking for an opportunity in your firm to enhance your brand communication online."

Now, situation 2:

"Hi! I'm Jane. I'd like to call myself a Digital ninja wherein I channelize my creativity to curate amazing campaigns digitally. By that, I mean that I am trained enough to ensure customers want to buy your product just by reading about it online!"

Which candidate would you be keen on contacting first and getting to know better? Both may be equally skilled, but a recruiter will always go for the person who can interest him or her in the first three seconds of reading the profile. Moreover, the second candidate's introduction is full of confidence and builds a certain level of expectation. At the same time, it does not display overconfidence either. It does away with the mundane way of presentation and instantly wants to make the recruiter want to have a word with you - to get to know you better - majorly because candidate 2 is managing to portray her quirky personality as opposed to the robotic like delivery that is there in situation 1.

Your personality and communication plays a huge role in getting the attention of a recruiter out of 1000+ applications, but these factors are often given very less heed to.

Autogram helps you apply to jobs (both for freshers and experienced candidates) through a single platform and gives you a chance to create your personality profile through a video resume, wherein you can actually talk about what makes you unique and standout from the crowd.

It also helps you prep for interviews with mock questions and self assessment tests.

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