Recruitment Has Become Robotic and Autogram plans to Turn It Around!

The first impression happens in the first 1 minute of conversation between any two people. Sometimes we tend to judge the book by its cover and conclude way too fast - which is both wrong and sometimes unavoidable!

When looking at recruitment processes, it's pretty much the same, really. A resume only lists our education, work experience and our interests. Just like a factory, recruiters receive tons and tons of the same old black and white page full of details - searching for key skills and filtering your CV.

What if this process could be made much more simpler? What if the whole cycle could be made much more interesting, less robotic and more interactive?

What if we could fulfill your requirement of communicating much much more to the recruiters beyond your resume?

Let's look at how we at Autogram can help both candidates and employers simplify manpower hiring:

Autogram as an app allows candidates to build an interactive session by allowing to record a short video wherein candidates can talk about themselves and showcase their communication skills, talents, interests and passion for what they like doing. This not only builds a good personal connect, but also breaks the monotony if simply viewing CVs on a superficial basis for the recruiters.

Other advantages of the app include a section for practicing interview questions with both timed and non-timed questions to prepare candidates for pressure situations and develop their soft skills during the interview process in reality.

The app not only equips job seekers for the interviews - it also serves as a pool of open vacancies across companies throughout the country so that candidates can build their interactive resume in the app and apply to jobs with the same profile directly from the app. After the applications have been made - the app also solves the issue of endless waits. It shows the scheduled interviews and the status of the same after the candidate has finished it.

Autogram aims to become the next groundbreaking element in the world of hiring to ease out the process of both recruitment and job hunting altogether.
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