First Time Job Seekers Just Got Lucky!

All those now seeking their very first job.. hands up! You probably have preconceived notions on how the process is. Moreover, You've seen your seniors, brothers and sisters go through the grill of multiple versions of CVs, cover letters, interviews, stress and other jazz. Luckily for you, we're here to make your life much more stress-free and your job hunting experience breezy. 

As a first time job seeker, we have a lot to offer you! 

1. You can forget creating multiple versions of your CV and the constant editing. Now, use Autogram to create an audio-visual resume. Fill in your basic education details and skills. And then, use the video recording option to talk a little about your awesome self - your passions, goals, dreams and everything that makes you unique. This provides you the best window to impress recruiters with your communication and personality. 

2. Thought of interviews must be giving you nightmares. Worry not, we have a section on the app where you can practice answering the typically twisted interview questions and assess yourself. We also help you develop your soft skills like agility, time-management, problem solving abilities, etc. to ensure you are ready to face the recruitment panel.

3. Apply to jobs galore! We have amazing companies showcasing job openings on the app. All you need to do is keep your Autogram profile ready and up to date and simply hit on the apply now button!

4. We'll review your Autogram profile and give you a personalized, customized feedback on how you can make it even better, increase your chances of cracking interviews and land your dream job. 

Job seeking just got super smooth. Download the app on your smartphone (we're available on both App store and Google Play!)
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