False Statements All Recruiters Say!

Job hunting is a long drawn process and more often than not, it requires severe patience! There are way too many companies however, which look at simply sucking in candidates with false promises - just to fill in their vacancies. There are also too many recruiting agencies which do pretty much the same thing to fulfill their revenue targets. 

Who is the sufferer in all of this? That's right - the innocent job seeker who fails to find the right profile or obtain his/her expected salary bracket after starting their work in the firm, just because they were told otherwise. 

Beware of such situations and know the most common statements that are told to aspiring candidates which may not always be true:

- "Your salary expectation is unrealistic!" - When recruiters try and make you compromise on your expected salary, that should become a red flag for you. If you are expecting a standard amount of hike after a considerable work experience, there is really no reason why you shouldn't get it! Keep trying for better opportunities and don't take up the first offer that comes your way by compromising. 

"We can't offer you that position now but,you're going to get promoted if you work hard!" - Once again, make your choices carefully. If you think you are capable enough (in terms of education and work qualifications) to apply for a higher position, don't get mislead into a false hope of promotions and growth! If a company values your profile for what you think you are worth, you will be offered the position you're looking at - and nothing lower than that. 

"We have really good candidates in line, but you got lucky and were shortlisted"- As derogatory as this may sound, don't take the job up if apparently, you were "lucky" to get it. You are talented, unique and skilled, and you have earned it. If you let yourself believe that the company/recruiter is doing you a huge favour, you'll probably be exploited throughout your term. Don't fall for it!

"Preparing the report/designs/plan/budget is a part of the shortlisting process" - There are tasks during the interview process, and then there are sneaky ways of getting work done through aspiring job seekers. Mislead once again into believing that it is a part of the interview process, some companies get work done for free in this very unethical manner. Keep a lookout and back off if you feel that is the case. 

- "Big companies are brands in themselves which hardly have any employee complaints": Wrong. Even the biggest companies can have a pretty low employee satisfaction whereas smaller companies are often seen to take care of their team and maximize on employee retention and satisfaction. This is not to establish any direct relationship, but to break the misconception that only the biggest companies have the best work environments in their swanky offices. Startups or mid-sized companies also have an array of good openings with a decent pay which may suit you better. So, in conclusion, do your research. Whenever you are concerned about this, check our review on Glassdoor, ask your acquaintances working in that company and do the needful before blindly believing your recruiter. 

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