We understand how frustrating job hunting can be! There are instances where people simply take up any job just to start working and paying bills. Unfortunately, not only is this a huge waste of time and talent, but might make you miss out on better opportunities if you were patient and kept your search on. 

Once again, there are two cases to be considered here - people who CAN and CANNOT afford to continue searching for jobs without regular pay. If your situation is the latter due to some urgency, it's obviously suggested you join a temporary job which pays bills. You can still keep the search ongoing post work hours or in the weekends - although it may be a hectic affair.

For those who really can afford to keep looking for a job, don't get pulled into any job offer that comes your away. There are too many situations where recruiters are simply desperate to fill vacancies. Here, your availability matters most to them over and above your skills or talent for the job. Beware of a few signs which should be a warning to you for the same:

- These recruiters don't seem to be interested in your past work experience, soft skills or educational background. They simply want to verify if you're a real person and get you on the job!

- They don't want to know who you are, if your temperament will fit their company culture, what drives you, or even if you're really interested in a long term association with the company.

- In the first interview, they will want to ask you how soon you can join them. Usually, recruiters want to get to know you more before handing out a job, just like that.

- They are way too enthusiastic about getting you engaged in company activities or training sessions instantly.

- Trust your gut - you will know if they value you for your skill set or just need anybody they can find to fill their job opening.

Usually, due to the acceptance of impulsive job offers, attrition rate shoots up. You won't really enjoy yourself and will end up quitting in a few weeks resulting into a huge overall waste of time and effort. Make sure you know what you are diving into, read the employee handbook and do your research online thoroughly before accepting the offer. Ask friends and family in the same industry if you know anyone.

Don't just choose a job, choose the correct one.


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