5 Activities to Beat Job Hunting Blues!

Job Hunting can be a lengthy and often, a painful process. We end up getting frustrated, miserable and demotivated way too easily. While you keep at it, we want to share some helpful tips as to how you can make the best utilization of the time while waiting for the perfect company! 

1. Catch up on hobbies and classes - This is probably something we always think of doing but never actually get around to doing it. Finishing off the Salsa course, taking up guitar classes, learning cooking, brushing up on photography skills - you can do anything you want to, and this is the best time to complete unfinished business.

2. Practice skills and work on certification courses - If you are really keen on strengthening your profile try taking up online courses to add skills to your resume! This not not only helps in increasing knowledge, but also boosts your application in the eyes of the recruiter who is going through millions of candidates through the day. You can also take up learning new languages in case you are not too interested in hard skills. An ever existing option is to download the Autogram App to practice interview questions and develop soft skills to enhance your profile simultaneously. 

3. Social causes - This is a very special indeed. If you have some time on your hands, take up part time teaching or internships in NGOs. Even if it does not turn out to be a formal job, spend time doing things to make other members of your community happier and you'll feel much better yourself, automatically.

4. Expand your GK regarding your subject or otherwise - READ. That is probably the best advice anyone can ever give you. Subscribe to websites which are dealing with your industry or just read things in general. By that we do not essentially mean spicy articles on Facebook. Quality material regarding business, politics, movies, people, success stories, industry related information - can be the perfect training you could give your mind during job seeking. It enriches your communication skills and helps you converse with individuals from different walks of life.

5. Travel! - They say traveling is the best teacher. It truly is - when you get to explore new places, learn survival tactics and get along with new people along the journey. You can take a relaxing trip with friends but a solo trip is highly recommended to fuel your experience, know-how of things and teach you how to handle tough situations all on your own! 

So, now you know the amazing things you can do while job hunting. And always remember - everything is going to be fine!
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