Weirdest Interview Questions You Have Ever Heard!

We, at Autogram, decided to do a quick survey with a bunch of 15 people from 7 different backgrounds and asked them about the most off-beat interview questions they had heard in their lives. Have you ever felt dumbfounded after hearing an interview question? If yes, the read in – you’re not alone.

  • If we did not increase your basic salary for 5 years at a go, would you still stay on to prove your loyalty to the company?
  • How many steps did you climb before reaching this particular floor?
  • Where do you see yourself after 25 years?
  • Sell this piece of chewed gum to me.
  • If I give you a million dollars, what is the ONE thing you would do to make it 10x and how?
  • Share an example of a result-oriented change you brought about in your previous organization and tell us how that experience will benefit our company.
  • How would you handle the situation if you faced a case of sexual harassment at the workplace?
  • (At an interview for a sales job) – Do your friends think you’re a funny guy?
  • How do you think you can use any of your hobbies to increase productivity at work?
  • What is your spirit animal and why? Excepting dogs please. We know you’re loyal enough.
Weird, right? We are often left thinking about what to say when faced with the ambiguities. But luckily for us, practice makes perfect. Download our app to practice interview questions – with timed and non timed rounds of both video and audio questions. Gain confidence and be prepared to handle any quirky questions coming your way during the weirdest of interviews! Once you are ready, create your audio-visual resume and apply for dream jobs from the app itself. 



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