Do You have What It Takes to Land your Dream Job?

More often than not, many of us do not understand the importance on soft skills - more commonly known as "people skills" and assume it to be "not a big a deal". Not only is this incorrect, but also sometimes becomes the reason why you did not get that amazing job in that amazing company.

Here are a few soft skills you must develop to make your professional life much smoother:

1. Communication Skills - While a good talker always gets noticed, a very important part of communication is all about listening to others. This results in additional learning and helps you open up to new ideas which you may not have stumbled upon yourself. Even while interviewing for any job - be a good listener when the recruiter speaks in order to structure your answers accordingly. They always leave hints for you to pick up! You can get more details by clicking here:

2. Problem-solving abilities - Your capability in finding quick solutions to unusual questions goes a long in impressing the panel. Sometimes, these may not have one correct answer that can be quantified. They may be situations that occur on a daily basis with respect to your specific profile or in a job environment as a whole. 

3. Agility - Be quick and be flexible. Never portray a sluggish approach towards situations and always be on your toes. This helps you much more while rolling in a work environment and absorbing the knowledge faster. 

4. Good body language and manners - Needless to say, one cannot stress enough on good manners and confident body language. The smallest factors starting from your handshake to the posture, every little thing counts. Read more on our blog at:

5. Patience - Maintaining the level of patience at an interview and later at the job is also key. There will be impossible questions during the different rounds, there will be multiple scenarios when your boss might be driving you crazy. Take a deep breath and hold on. 

6. Interpersonal skills - Have you been a part of crazy group discussions and thought to yourself how you everyone around has lost control? Well, that usually happens when people are desperately trying to make a point or steer the discussion in a direction which is easy for them to speak about. Keep your argument crisp, relevant and to the point. Listen carefully to everything being said, and smartly try and snatch the conversation politely by saying something on the lines of "While I agree to my friend here, I would like to put forward a different perspective to this matter" and capture that window to make 3-4 vital points. 

7. Leadership: If you are looking at long term growth in any company, this one is a big plus! Showcasing good examples of leading a team, achieving results, being a good motivator and an excellent growth driver can work wonders in getting considered as a top candidate for the job. 

There is no formula to come to a 100% accuracy with such skills. You can enhance them only with practice, time and experience. Download Autogram on your iPhone or Android and create your audio-visual resume. Apply to jobs, practice mock interviews, and self evaluate yourself on various parameters and skills. You can track your progress and improvement on the app itself!
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