Autogram is Making Smart Phones Your Best Tool for Career Growth!

College can be and IS hectic. As much as our parents think of us as a frivolous bunch of kids whiling away time in college and afterward, we know we have our set of worries.

Exams, placements, career, breakups, crushes - it's a whole whirlpool of elements to deal with.
One of the major verticals we try to ensure success for is definitely our careers. Landing that dream job, delivering well in a high corporate environment, career growth, success and of course a growing bank balance is something we all dream at night about.

We, at Autogram, want to make your life a little easier with this aspect at least. How can we help you? Read on!

1. We help you create an audio visual resume on our platform. What this means is, you will now be able to speak about yourself and showcase your skills and personalities to all the recruiters who view your profile from our platform. You can update this any time, really. 

2. Apply for Jobs! The easiest and fastest way you can imagine. Simply shortlist the jobs you like and just hot on apply. No hassle of sending individual CVs and cover letters to each company. Recruiters will now be able to shortlist candidates based on your Autogram profile. 

3. Practice interview questions and how to answer them! We have timed and non-timed audio and video sessions with which you can perfect the delivery and content of the answers you choose to give to difficult questions.

4. Develop soft skills: What is that one thing that recruiters look for beyond your subject matter expertise? That's right - your soft skills. Your ability to lead, execute,  manage, learn and grow at the same time is an all starrer profile in their eyes. We have tools to develop your skills and help you self evaluate and improve. 

Download the app now, create your Audio Visual resume and get access to amazing openings across India which match your profile and skill set perfectly.
So stop hunting, because we bring jobs to you.

We are available on both Android and iOS. To know more, visit us at


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