5 Tips to Fire Up Your Communication Skills at a Job Interview

1. A Good Introduction: The very first thing a recruiter often asks is something about yourself. Always try to make this engaging and to the point by balancing interesting facts about yourself (hobbies, passions, some unique factors which shape you as a person). Additionally, try highlighting key skills and key industries you have been a part of to give a perfect snapshot in just a few lines. 

2. Being Short and Crisp: Be as specific as possible and avoid long sentences when presenting yourself. Throughout the interview you are always expected to be clear and confident. Don't ramble if not asked for more details - they are short on time and so are you!

3. Sentence Structure: When asked about your work experience, try and follow a consistent sentence structure for presenting the same. A sentence should typically consist of three elements: What, How, and results achieved. Being objective gives a super impression.

Example: "Managed (What) the sales team of 20 people over three cities and worked on pitch building, training and reporting (How) which resulted in an average Month-on-Month growth of 15% between December 2016 till May, 2017. (Results Achieved)"

Or, "Built strategies (What) for Times Internet product - Dineout by analyzing sales trends and competitor analysis (How) which resulted in a 20% increase of merchant on-boarding over the last three months. 
(Results Achieved)"

4. Balance Different Elements Well: Sometimes, things about you beyond the mundane work experience section can catch eyes. If you have a strong extra-curricular or interesting hobbies, don't miss out on highlighting them equally well to the recruiter. This not only helps in breaking the ice and drawing more conversation or questions, but also makes you stand out.

5. The magical tweaks: When answering a generic question, try and stress on keywords and skills especially relevant for the job. So, even if you have all the skills they are looking for but do not use the magic catchwords, your interview may get lost completely in the pile. Use proactive words or skills and hit the nail right on the head. In this context - utilize the "tell me something about yourself" question at the very beginning as well - it really helps. 

So, there you go! A small effort can result in big changes. For more tips and customized feedback, you get always download our app on Google Play o Apple Store or get in touch on our website: www.myautogram.com 
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