5 Struggles Every Job Seeker Can Relate To!

1. Individually sending CVs everywhere - Pretty much what everyone hates. This painstaking process can be quite annoying especially when you don't have all day long to apply to different openings displayed in different portals and websites. Wouldn't it be nice to actually have them all at the same place and have your CV updated in that portal itself? That way, you could seamlessly keep applying to jobs in much more volume and save time as well! 

2. Recruiters get bored too soon - Recruiters see a gazillion CVs every single day. No matter how many times we check our CVs for spelling errors, a part of our brain is always goes - "Is this really impressive enough to shine through?" or even something like "This makes me looks like a nerd. I can do way better." We never really get a chance to showcase who we really are through a couple of black and white pages, and that sometimes reduces our chances of making the best first impression! 

3. Registering on different portals and the endless notifications that follow -Your phone already has enough apps starting from messages to e-mails to alerts. And then there all those job portals you registered on, which keep sending you redundant notifications of either outdated jobs or irrelevant vacancies. Pretty darn annoying, right?

4. What the hell happened to that interview? - During job applications, your phone becomes your best friend. Any calls from unknown numbers kinda make your heart skip hoping it's a call back from a company or some good news after your last interview. But sadly and very often - companies don't even get back to you regarding the interview you gave. Disappointing, we understand.

5 Screwing up interviews - The biggest fear for any job seeker is when you finally get a chance to face the panel and mess it up! Nervous assumptions or rambling can have a negative effect on your mental preparation and agility during the interview itself - which is why it's always advised that you prepare yourself get a good night's sleep! 

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