What's more important? A beautiful Resume or one's Personality.

Are we or are we not more than our resumes? Does that one piece of paper that we so proudly call our ‘own’, actually portray our personality to those concerned? If not then what does it do?

Well, the world’s most popular search engine defines a resume as “a quick snapshot of your skills,
experience, awards, and education”.  Now the question that arises is can that paper lying on the hirer’s table convey how good or how suitable are we, actually? It might give a glimpse, a mere shadow, a shadow, just like the one of every other applicant.
But how different are shadows anyways?

This is the point we are trying to hint at.
A resume, no matter how well written, typed or framed it is facing some real big limitations;

●It restricts us to introduce only the very superficial qualifications that we acquire as a part of our educational grooming.
●We are bounded by the strict format which does not allow us to talk about our abilities as a speaker, or as an artist or as a leader.
●The concept of hiring has changed over years and today the scenario is such that our soft skills enable us to have an edge over the others. The hirer cannot be made aware of our skills through a written resume.

The point is how to let the employer know that we possess what they are searching for. And clearly, our resume would not allow us to step over the boundaries that it has inherited by its very nature.

Back in time, about 20-30 years ago, when these resumes were the only options for applicants to reach out to employers, they proved to be very effective. Their shortcomings were nothing as compared to the benefit they gave to both the parties. Slowly, with time, the number of applicants increased and today the uniqueness of every resume is lost in the crowd. Assessing someone’s capability is difficult because almost all resumes are similar- in some cases, copied and edited. The loss is faced at both ends; the applicant is jobless and the employer faces appropriate manpower shortage. So our resume should be such that it becomes easier for an applicant to include all relevant details and for an employer to obtain all information he needs to know about the applicant, just by looking at the resume.

If we look around us, the answer to our worries is staring at us right in our faces. The answer is digitization. Yes, digitization of resumes just like every other thing today. With modernization, digitization, and development going hand in hand, why should we still lag behind in the job application sector? Why clinging to our old methods of self-portrayal when we can use something so much more effective than that? Change is what is required and without change, there would be no development.

Now imagine if we get a chance to present our resume before an employer- the difference being that we are allowed to speak for our self, instead of presenting a written attempt of self-portrayal. Given the chance of speaking, we can use our voice, tone and oratory skills to make an impactful first impression.

Would that not be an added advantage given the fact that there is a huge difference in presenting oneself among 50 faces and 50 sheets of paper? Of course getting a chance to prove your merit using your own words, actions, and an emphasis is a great option as compared to following a question-answer approach, without exploiting the intangible assets we acquire over years.

Autogram is the thing you need to overcome these shortcomings of a stereotypical resume. It is an android app successfully modifying the way a resume works. It has enabled a lot of freshers to obtain jobs in top companies with which the app has link ups. It allows you to put forward your own self instead of a sheet of a paper to let the employer know who you are- an answer, employers look for today.

With this app, you get to make an Autogram account wherein you present an audiovisual resume that would include all your details you think an employer would be interested in knowing. Freshers- do not fret.  Autogram trains you as a fresher as to how do you present an audiovisual resume making sure you get the required prep-up for an interview. Autogram has tie-ups with companies who recruit students on the basis of these audiovisual resumes or ‘Autograms’ as we may call them. It is like a portal where you, submit your merits and the companies submit their requirements. The motive of this newly launched app is achieved only after a graduate gets the job he deserves. What’s even better, it’s free!

Autogram was initiated as an attempt to give an equal opportunity to all students irrespective of which college they come from. Companies do not visit every college in India and this problem of not getting an opportunity should not fall in the way of brilliant minds obtaining what they deserve. The correct training for an interview and a crisp, well-presented resume is all that is needed to get a job. Autogram is a one-stop-shop for this. By installing the Autogram app, you sign in for some good training for an interview and an effective platform to present yourself in an audiovisual resume. The introduction of this new app has practically removed all barriers that stop a person from speaking for himself. Now the only reign tying a person from achieving his dream job is his hesitation, or the big procrastinator buried within.

So the only unturned stone would be an initiative, one from any person willing to apply for a job. Once that is taken, there would be nothing standing between a candidate and a well-deserved job.


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