Capital First Limited: Autogram is a "Game Changer" for the Recruitment Process

We are ecstatic to welcome Capital First Limited's Graduate Trainee Recruitment Program to the Autogram family. Now that they’ve completed their first recruitment cycle using the product, we’re pleased to share their story.

With over 2,000 applicants from around the country, Capital First required a reliable yet efficient way to assess communication skills and personality spread out across 22 locations in India.

They needed to hire close to 80 Graduate Trainees across 4 job profiles in 22 cities in India. Autogram seemed to be just the solution because the audio-visual assessment could replace the entire logistics of traveling to colleges. Digitally, Autogram could reach 1000s of colleges. 

We received 2000 applications from 80 colleges in India in just a week. All these students made their Autograms and also gave 2 rounds of Digital Interviews with customized questionnaires. Our team screened these audio-visual responses and arrived at the best 200.  We further screened them based on their aptitude skills and finally close to 100 students were selected for Personal Interview Rounds. 
We also helped the company conduct the PI through our Web Conference Platform and we helped them recruit 40+ students from 20 cities in less than a month. 

We saved a lot of time and cost for the company in terms of traveling, scheduling, manpower and much more.  

This is a problem which is much bigger than it seems. We want to help companies reach out to a larger talent pool in the minimum possible time and help them recruit the best of the best. 

Last but not the least, we want every applicant to get an equal opportunity to interview with their dream company irrespective of where they come from. 


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